Pryde Industrial offers Handling and Lifting Equipment designed with the user in mind. 

Require and handling or lifting equipment to make your job easier for your company? We’ve got you covered.

Each system is made to reduce strain on the operator. These systems are great in providing an ergonomically correct work environment with the power to move large weights, shapes & sizes of material around your facility.

Call us today at 519-690-1111 or click the links below to discover which lifting system will work best for your facility.


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Featuring Lift Tables, Winches, Jibs, Overhead Rail Systems and more! Browse all brands here.

Lifting Systems

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Featuring Air, Electric & Hydraulic Hoists and more! Browse all brands here.

Reels & Balancers

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Featuring Spring Balancers, Fluid & Air Reels, Cord & Cable Reels and more! Browse all brands here.

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