Repairs for All Types of Tools

Pryde Industrial Inc. is one of Canada’s premier service centres.

We’re your ‘One Stop Shop’ of all brands and types of hydraulic, material handling, gas engine, lubrication equipment and pneumatic & electric power tools, including:

  • Pneumatic and Electric Assembly Tools
  • Material Handling Equipment, including Air, Electric & Hydraulic Hoists, Balancers, Winches and Lift Tables
  • Pipe Threading and Drain Cleaning Equipment
  • Air and Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Hand powered Pumps, Valves and Motors
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Maintenance and Construction Tools
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Mechanical Lifting Equipment, including Jacks and Porto Powers
  • Torque Wrenches, Measuring and Monitoring Equipment
  • Lubrication Dispensing Equipment, including Grease Pumps
  • Cutters, Crimpers and Bending Equipment
  • All brands of Gas Engine Powered Equipment: including Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, Generators, Pressure Washers and Constuction Equipment
  • All makes of Household & Industrial Power Tools
  • And much more…

With one of the largest repair facilities in Ontario, our five expert repair technicians are capable of repairing all makes of Air Tools, Electric Tools, Hydraulics, Gas Powered Equipment, Electric Hoists and Balancers.

Our certified repair technicians have over 35 years of experience. Our state of the art procedures, advanced torque testers, joint simulators, tool fixtures, transducers, lathes and presses make us well-equipped to handle all repair requirements you may have.

All tools and equipment are torn down, inspected for wear and tear, quoted for replacement, cleaned, and reassembled to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We Repair All Types of Tools

Why Choose Us?
•Over 35 years of experience.
•All repairs are backed by our 30-day warranty.
•Our extensive inventory of parts ensure a fast turnaround.
•We utilize the most current and innovative testing equipment from CDI, Associated Research, Sotcher and Skidmore-Wilhelm.
•Repairs are performed by our trained technicians and all tools are tested before and after the repair.
•Test results are provided free of charge. This gives you an accurate assessment of your tool. No second guessing! You can be sure your tool performs as it should.
•Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is second to none.
•The vast number of brands we service.
Tool Repairs / Service

We have a state of the art repair workshop and our service technicians are experienced and trained to original manufacturer’s standards in all manner of tools ranging from Air, Electric, Cordless, High Frequency and Petrol. As the tooling industry is always moving forward with new tools and ergonomics we continue to keep up to date with continuous training for our technicians. We are able to cover a very broad spectrum of top class manufacturers.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your power tools will increase its efficiency, improve its life expectancy and keep it within health & safety regulations.

Tools should be serviced in conjunction with recommended manufacturers specifications. This could be anything between 3 and 12 months, naturally this is dependant on tool usage. On air tools it is most important to ascertain if you have the correct air flow pressure, couplings, hose and lubrication. All these things are vital for the continued high performance of your tools.

Warranty Repair Agents
We are warranty repair agents for some of the best known manufacturers in the tool industry.
If you have a tool that we haven’t shown don’t worry give us a call, we like to pride ourselves on attaining new knowledge and we are not scared of having a go!

All our tool repair/service contracts are processed using a unique on line system that allows not only us to track its history but you as well. This ability gives you not only detailed information on wear and tear of the tool, but also the possibility of abuse.

Tool Maintenance Solutions
We can operate a regular tailor made service maintenance system for your tools, by working together we can understand what would be in your best interest for a smooth running operation. This would in effect cause less downtime and more productivity from both tool and employee. There are varying degrees of service available to you and we would only be too pleased to discuss the appropriate one for your company. Whichever tool service or tool maintenance options you choose we promise to give you our full attention and dedication.

Preventative Maintenance
This option gives you piece of mind that on a regular basis we will service your tools, this can be done on intervals of your choosing. This option should be planned in advance with ideally a set of back up tools as replacement whilst they are being serviced alternatively if you have annual shut downs it can be planned around them.