We are Your ‘One Stop Shop’ for Air, Electric & Hydraulic Hoist and Balancers.

We can repair in-house or on-site depending on size of equipment needed to repair, including:

  • Spring Balancers
  • Manual Hoist & Pullers
  • Hose Reels
  • Handling Devices
  • Vacuum Cup End Effectors
  • Etc.

We are the factory authorized service & warranty center for brands we sell.

How We Work

All Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of $15.00 plus shipping. All Gas Engine & Hydraulic Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of $65.00 plus shipping.

Estimate fees are Non-Returnable, if parts are no longer available for, or tools that we do not have access to parts.

These tools are returned un-assembled. All un-repaired tools will be returned in pieces, unless the customer specifies that they would like the tool re-assembled, for an extra charge.

All estimated tools held for more than 30 days will be scrapped.

We Repair All Types of Tools