Having your equipment serviced is an important part of keeping them running for longer – from Torque Controlled Assembly Tools, Compressors, to Overhead Lifting Equipment.

We can calibrate and certify torque tools & wrenches, gauges, measuring equipment, etc.

We can also inspect and certify all your Air, Electric , Manual Hoists and Lifting Equipment for all major makes and models.

We can offer yearly or monthly service contracts if you wish.

How We Work

All Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of $15.00 plus shipping. All Gas Engine & Hydraulic Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of $65.00 plus shipping.

Estimate fees are Non-Returnable, if parts are no longer available for, or tools that we do not have access to parts.

These tools are returned un-assembled. All un-repaired tools will be returned in pieces, unless the customer specifies that they would like the tool re-assembled, for an extra charge.

All estimated tools held for more than 30 days will be scrapped.

We Repair All Types of Tools