In addition to our warranty repairs, we’d also be happy to service and repair your out-of-warranty units as well. We are fully trained and qualified to provide service and repair for:

  • Impact Wrenches (1/4″ to 2-1/2″)
  • Torque Wrench Calibration and Repair (1/4″ to 1″)
  • Air/Hydraulic/Battery Bolting Tools, Mutipliers, High Torque Tools
  • Air Grinders, Saws, Polishers, Cutters and Riveting Tools
  • Air Drills, Magnetic Drills, Beveling and Tapping Equipment
  • Air Nutrunners, Motors, Pulse Tools, Screwdrivers, Multi-Spindle, etc.
  • Electric/Hydraulic Pumps, Water & Submersible Pumps
  • Hand Pumps, Grease and all Lubrication Equipment
  • Floor Jacks, Cylinders, Valves and Automation
  • Air/Hydraulic Foot Pumps & Threading Machines
  • Transmission Jacks & Shop Equipment
  • Small Hand Air Tools
  • Electric & Gas Compressors

How We Work

All Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of minimum $45.00 plus shipping. All Gas Engine & Hydraulic Repairs will be charged an estimate fee of $80.00 plus shipping.

Estimate fees are Non-Returnable, if parts are no longer available for, or tools that we do not have access to parts.

These tools are returned Un-assembled. All Un-repaired tools will be returned in pieces, unless the customer specifies that they would like the tool re-assembled, for an extra charge.

All estimated tools held for more than 30 days will be scrapped.

We Repair All Types of Tools